18th Annual Conference of the Weston A. Price Foundation
Minneapolis, Minnesota November 10-13

Nutrient-dense foods are needed during all phases of life–for children to ensure a healthy start, for adults to cope with the stresses of modern living, and for seniors to ensure that their golden years are truly golden. Wise Traditions 2017 will provide health seekers with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve robust health at any age.

 Sally Fallon Morell, President WAPF

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We are live streaming selected sessions from the conference and recording all sessions.


Thyroid & Adrenal Health
Diabetes and Weight Loss
Alzheimers & Migraines
Eye Health
Baby Care

Treating Autism
Vaccines vs Natural Immunity
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Traditional Food Preparation
Nourishing Traditional Diets
Great Food & Great Networking!

Join us at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Hotel

Zoe Harcombe
Ben Greenfield
Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, PhD
Tom Cowan, MD
Will Winter, DVM
Chris Masterjohn, PhD
Laura Schoenfeld
Sally Fallon Morell, MA



Chapter Leader Meeting 10 – 5
Farm-to-Consumer FUNDRaiser Reception 6 – 9

Friday Seminars

Natasha Campbell-McBride: Gut and Psychology Syndrome
Ronda Nelson: Thyroid Health
Laura Schoenfeld: Dealing With Adrenal Fatigue
Farming Track
….* Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin: Chickens
….* Will Winter: Pasture-based farming

Friday Evening

* Ask the Practitioner Panel
* Kiran Krishna:
* Zoe Harcombe: Facts About Food to Help Real Foodies Fight Back
* Free Film: What’s With Wheat


Sally Fallon Morell, MA: Nourishing Traditional Diets
Hormone Health
*Karen Lyke: Introduction to Hormone Health
*Kim Schuette: Recovery from Bioidential Hormones
*Chris Masterjohn, PhD: A Balanced Hormonal Milieu
*Lindsea Willon: Insulin Resistance
Wellness Track
*Stephanie Seneff:
*Tom Cowan, MD:
Cooking/Practical Track
….* Becca Griffith: Fat Rendering
….* Stefan Hagopian: Footwear, Beds & Chairs
….* Celeste LongAcre: Fermentation Basics
….* Sylvia Burgos Toftness: Broth

Saturday Evening

Zoe Harcombe: Real Food on Trial


Nutrition for the Brain
….* Amy Berger: Alzheimers
….* Chris Knobbe, MD: Macular Degeneration
….* Jodi Ledley: Stopping Migraines and Chronic Pain
….* Chris Masterjohn, PhD: Fat Soluble Activators for Brain and Eyes
Diet, Exercise, Diabetes
….* Donald Weber, DC: Nutrition 101
….* Louisa Williams, MS, DC, ND:
….* Ben Greenfield:
….* Zoe Harcombe: The Obesity Epidemic: How do We Stop It?
Fertility, Children
….* Pam Schoenfeld, RD: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
….* Tim O’Shea: Vaccines
….* Carrie Clark: Baby Whisperer
….* Cilla Whatcott: Natural Immunity

….* Carrie Clark: Nourishing School Lunches
….* Becca Griffith: Foraging Cuisine
….* Anna Larsen: Wild Fish for Good Health
….* Sandeep Agarwal: Cooking with Spices
Closing Ceremony with Michael Schmidt


Will Winter, DVM: Guided Farm Visit
Sally Fallon Morell, MA: Three Meal Plans: Fish, Lamb and Chicken
Chris Masterjohn, PhD: