2016 New York Seminar


June 2016 Seminar on Healthy Traditional Diets in New York

with Sally Fallon Morell
Lake Clear, NY June 4, 2016

Registration only $30 which includes lunch! ($40 May 14 – May 27)
Space is limited.

Additional events with registration on our site:
•    WAP-style Saturday dinner with chef explaining. 6 p.m. $49 per person (includes tax and tip).
•    WAP-style Sunday lunch and Q&A with Sally Fallon Morell $25 (includes tax and tip). Seating is limited to 50 people. (Chapter leaders $12.50)

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WAP-style cooking classes are being offered starting Monday, June 6 at the lodge. Discounts for WAPF members. See: lodgeonlakeclear.com

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What You Will Learn
•    Why butter is better and animal fats are vital to health
•    The key vitamins for growth and development
•    The importance of pasture-feeding of livestock
•    Why children need raw milk
•    The many roles of cholesterol in the body
•    Why grains and legumes need proper preparation
•    Why your body needs old-fashioned fermented foods
•    The health benefits of genuine bone broth
•    The dangers of modern soy products
•    Why we should avoid industrial fats and oils
•    The dangers of cholesterol-lowering drugs
•    Simple health guidelines everyone can follow
•    A simple, inexpensive treatment for joint pain

Lecture Notes
Powerpoint Presentations with lecture notes are posted at www.westonaprice.org/get-involved/chapter-resources-slide-presentations/