2017 Speakers


Sandeep Agarwal
is the founder of Pure Indian Foods (pureindianfoods.com ) which makes grassfed organic ghee and sells traditional organic Indian foods.  He is also the founder and chief curator of ButterWorld (butterworld.org), a traveling exhibition showcasing unique, rare and historical dairy artifacts from around the world.  His interest in dairy history grew out of his family’s fifth-generation ghee business (started by his great-great-grandfather in 1889) and the culturally significant role that dairy plays within his Indian heritage.  Sandeep is a graduate of David Winston’s Center for Herbal Studies’ two-year herbalist training program and one-year graduate program.  He has spoken at Ayurvedic conferences in the USA and India. Sandeep is passionate about cooking traditional Indian foods using lots of fresh herbs and dry spices.


Amy Berger, MS, CNS, NTP,
is a U.S. Air Force veteran, certified nutrition specialist and nutritional therapy practitioner who specializes in using low-carbohydrate nutrition to help people reclaim their vitality through eating delicious foods. She loves showing people that getting and staying well doesn’t require starvation, deprivation or living at the gym. Her motto is, “real people need real food!” She blogs at www.tuitnutrition.com, where she writes about a wide range of health and nutrition-related topics, such as insulin, metabolism, weight loss, thyroid function, and more. She is the author of The Alzheimer’s Antidote: Using a Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet to Fight Alzheimer’s Disease, Memory Loss, and Cognitive Decline.


Dean Bonlie, DDS
has been involved in full-time research and development in bio-magnetism for twenty-five years.  His scientific theory on the action of magnetism on living tissue has been validated by numerous studies, making him a widely accepted authority in this field.  He is a past president of the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy.  Dr. Bonlie has been interviewed extensively on radio, TV and webinars.  He gives workshops and lectures regularly across North America.


Sylvia Burgos Toftness
Born and raised in the Bronx, Sylvia transplanted to the upper Midwest to be a television/radio reporter at KDAL TV, Duluth, Minnesota in the early 1970s. After more than forty years in communications, today Sylvia and her husband David raise 100% grass-fed beef on their farm, Bull Brook Keep, in northwestern Wisconsin. Although breeding and raising grass-fed/grass-finished cattle is a full-time job, their mission is about more than delicious, healthful beef.

Sylvia and Dave are committed to sustainable and transparent farming, and host farm visits every month of the year. Sylvia also taps her background to build city-farm connections via her blog, From the Bronx to the Barn. On Saturday mornings, Sylvia produces and co-hosts Deep Roots Radio, a show where she interviews farmers, scientists, educators, film makers, chefs, policymakers and investigative journalists from all across the country. Their expertise and perspectives help listeners connect the dots between what we eat and how it’s grown. Broadcast and streamed live from WPCA Radio 93.1 FM, Amery, Wisconsin, listeners are farmers and food lovers nationwide.

Sylvia teaches sourdough baking classes and instruction on best ways to cook pastured meats.

Sylvia is president of the Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Services (MOSES) board of directors, serves on the boards of the Hungry Turtle Institute and the Hungry Turtle Farmers Cooperative, and is a past board member of the Wedge Community Co-op. Sylvia and Dave have six grown children and three delightful grandchildren.


Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD. MMedSci (neurology), MMedSci (nutrition)

Dr. Campbell-McBride graduated with honors as a medical doctor in 1984 from Bashkir Medical University in Russia. In the following years she gained a postgraduate degree in neurology and completed a second postgraduate degree in human nutrition at Sheffield University, UK.

In 2004 she published a book Gut And Psychology Syndrome. Natural Treatment of Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Depression and Schizophrenia where she explores the connection between the patient’s physical state and brain function. The book gives full details of the GAPS Nutritional Protocol, highly successful in treating patients with learning disabilities and other mental problems.  A second edition was published in 2010, and the book has been translated into twelve languages.

In her clinic Dr. Campbell-McBride works with many patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, stroke and other complications of atherosclerosis. She has become acutely aware of the existing confusion about nutrition and these conditions, which spurred an intensive study into this subject resulting in her 2007 book, Put Your Heart in Your Mouth! What Really is Heart Disease and What Can We Do to Prevent and Even Reverse It.

Dr Campbell-McBride is a member of the Society of Authors, the British Society for Environmental Medicine, and an honorary board member of the WAPF.  She is a regular contributing health editor to a number of journals, magazines, newsletters, and radio programmes around the world.

Tom Cowan, MD


Tom Cowan, MD
is a holistic physician in private practice in San Francisco. He is the author of The Fourfold Path to Healing and co-author of The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care. He is a popular speaker at Wise Traditions conferences.

Sally Fallon Morell, MA


Sally Fallon Morell, MA
Sally Fallon Morell is founding president of the Weston A. Price Foundation and founder of A Campaign for Real Milk. Mrs. Fallon Morell lectures extensively around the world on issues of health and nutrition. She is a prolific writer of numerous articles and books and serves as editor of Wise Traditions, the quarterly journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation. In 1996, Mrs. Fallon Morell published the best-selling Nourishing Traditions (with Mary G. Enig, PhD), the cookbook that launched her career in alternative health. Visit her website at www.newtrendspublishing.com.



Lee Graese
Lee and Mary Graese have been in the bison industry twenty-three years with their four children, two of whom are involved in the operations of their Rice Lake, Wisconsin, vertically integrated company—Northstar Bison, specializing in 100% grassfed Bison.

They purchased their current ranch and home in 1997 and have taken on additional acreage to total around 1200 acres (leased & owned) for grazing bison.  The first two bison were purchased in 1994 and were the seeds that launched a fulfillment of a childhood passion for Lee–to own a couple buffalo someday on a ranch.

Lee comes from the world of powerlifting, where he was a national record holder and gold medal winner in the 275 lb. class at the World Games in 1988. Lee has sat on a leadership advisory committee for Agstar Financial Services, served as chair of the Wisconsin Bison Producers Association show and sale 1997-2001, Region 5 director for the National Bison Association (NBA) and co-chair with Mary for its Grass-fed Committee, board member for Minnesota Bison Association and member of the Commercial Meat Marketer Committee.



Sean Graese
I have been within arms-reach of bison since I was eight. These brawny ungulates encompass most of my memory and have subliminally influenced my life. My true understanding of bison, their significance to me, this land and our nation did not begin to clarify until recently. As a young boy just learning to read, I didn’t desire traditional children’s bedtime stories, my thirst was for wilderness adventure books–stories of wild places.

We moved to our current ranch when I was twelve and since then I have held every position there is in our company from building fence, cutting and baling hay, gathering bison on the loose, skinning, butchering, processing, packaging, shipping, order fulfillment, inventory management, customer service, social media, business systems (EOS) implementation for NSB, now mentoring for CEO as my mother and father prepare to hand over the baton. I am married to my wife, Samantha, with three boys: Lincoln 7, Miller 4 and Griffin 6 mo.

Ben Greenfield


Ben Greenfield
Ben Greenfield is an ex-bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete, Spartan racer, coach, speaker and author of the New York Times Bestseller Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health and Life (BeyondTrainingBook.com). In 2008, Ben was voted National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Personal Trainer of the year and in 2013 and 2014 was named by Greatist.com as one of the top 100 Most Influential People In Health And Fitness. Ben blogs and podcasts at BenGreenfieldFitness.com, and resides in Spokane, Washington with his wife and twin boys.

Becca Griffith Photo


Becca Griffith
Becca Griffith is a longtime food educator, foraging enthusiast, experimenter and food and history tour guide in the Twin Cities. She also serves as a WAPF co-chapter leader in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Becca first discovered her zeal for the time-honored cooking practices when confronting her own health challenges in college. Growing up, she had a complicated relationship with the ‘F-words’, but now wholeheartedly embraces foods, fat and foraging. Through her ongoing food adventures, Becca has created her own quirky, but memorable, methods to share with others when using the bounty of nourishment surrounding them!



Stefan Hagopian, DO
Dr. Stefan Hagopian practices traditional osteopathic medicine and nutrition in Santa Monica, California. He also lectures frequently on human health sciences, including clinical anatomy, biomechanics and biodynamics as related to osteopathy in healthcare.

Zoe Harcombe


Zoe Harcombe, PhD
Zoë Harcombe is a Cambridge graduate and author of six books including Why Do You Overeat? When All You Want is to Be Slim? (2004 & 2013); Stop Counting Calories & Start Losing Weight (2008) and The Obesity Epidemic: What Caused It? How Can we Stop It? (2010).

Zoë has a PhD in public health nutrition. Her thesis was entitled “An examination of the randomised controlled trial and epidemiological evidence for the introduction of dietary fat recommendations in 1977 and 1983: A systematic review and meta-analysis.” A number of peer-reviewed articles have emanated from this work and more publications are in submission. Appearing regularly on radio and TV, Zoë has had the opportunity to participate in: Sky News; Steve Wright in the Afternoon; Radio 4’s The Food Programme; ITV’s Tonight programme; and BBC Newsnight. She has been interviewed by America’s Fox News and Cape Town radio. Zoë has written for most national UK newspapers and magazines.

Zoë passionately believes that current dietary advice is wrong and that populations need to return to eating the real food that we ate before we had epidemics of obesity and diabetes. Apparently, this is a controversial proposition! Zoë shares her views at conferences worldwide and in her highly-accessed diet and nutrition blog (www.zoeharcombe.com).  Zoë lives with her husband and rescue animals in the Welsh countryside surrounded by food, a.k.a. sheep, hens and cows.

Hazelnut bush


Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin
Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin began working on economic development projects with indigenous Guatemalan communities in 1988. He served as a consultant for the United Nations Development Program’s Bureau for Latin America and as an advisor to the World Council of Indigenous Peoples. He is a founding member of the U.S.-based Fair Trade Federation. A native Guatemalan, he migrated to the U.S. in 1992, and has served as director of the Fair Trade Program for the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, where he led the creation and launch of Peace Coffee, a fair-trade coffee company. Regi’s social enterprise development work includes woodland owner cooperatives and support for a multitude of inner-city new immigrant enterprise efforts.

In 1996, he was named one of the Twin Cities International Citizens of the Year and in 2008 he received both the Northfield and College City Service to Mankind Award, as well as their district award. He has served on numerous non-profit boards including the North Country Development Fund and the Northfield Area Foundation. He is a member of the Rotary Club of Northfield and chief strategy officer at Main Street Project where he leads an international and local team that has broken new ground in the field of food and agriculture through an innovative poultry-centered regenerative agriculture system he has pioneered.

Regi received his agronomy degree from the Central National School of Agriculture, studied at the Universidad de San Carlos in Guatemala and graduated from Augsburg College in Minneapolis with a major in international business administration and a minor in communications. Regi lives in Northfield, Minnesota with his wife Amy and three children.



Chris A. Knobbe, MD
Chris Knobbe is an ophthalmologist and associate clinical professor emeritus of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, in Dallas.  Dr. Knobbe practiced ophthalmology for twenty-four years and held an academic position as professor for sixteen years before devoting his full-time efforts to researching the causes of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).  In 2016, Dr. Knobbe proffered a revolutionary hypothesis for the cause of AMD at the prestigious Ancestral Health Symposium in 2016 at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  Dr. Knobbe’s hypothesis and fundamental research principles are founded upon the nutrition principles set forth by Weston A. Price.  He and his team have investigated that hypothesis through the correlation of processed food consumption patterns and AMD development, in twenty-five nations, with compelling results. As a result, Knobbe has had numerous speaking engagements in cities around the U.S., where he has reviewed the hypothesis and portions of the supportive research.  Dr. Knobbe’s website is CureAMD.com and his 2016 book on this subject, Cure AMD – Ancestral Dietary Strategy to Prevent & Reverse Macular Degeneration.

kiran portrait


Kiran Krishnan
Kiran Krishnan offers his extensive knowledge and practical application of the latest science on the human microbiome as it relates to health and wellness. He is a research microbiologist and has been involved in the dietary supplement and nutrition market for seventeen years. He comes from a strict research background having spent several years with hands-on R&D in the fields of molecular medicine and microbiology at the University of Iowa. He left university research to take a position as the U.S. business development and product development lead for Amano Enzyme, USA. Amano is one of the largest suppliers of therapeutic enzymes used in the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries in North America. Kiran established a Clinical Research Organization where he designed and conducted dozens of human clinical trials in human nutrition. Kiran is also a co-founder and partner in Nu Science Trading–a nutritional technology development, research and marketing company in the U.S. dietary supplement and medical food markets. Kiran is the chief scientific officer at Physician’s Exclusive LLC and Microbiome Labs. He has developed over fifty private label nutritional products for small to large brands. He is a frequent lecturer on the human microbiome at medical and nutrition conferences and on several health summits. He has been an expert guest on national and satellite radio and conducts the popular monthly microbiome series webinars through the Rebel Health Tribe Group practitioner training program.  He is currently involved in seven novel human clinical trials on probiotics and the human microbiome. Kiran is also on the scientific advisory board for three other companies.

Jodi Ledley


Jodi Ledley
Jodi Ledley is the author Adventures with Jodi, How One Girl Stopped Migraines and Chronic Pain and Accidentally Improved her Family’s Health! Jodi is a former sufferer of migraines, chronic pain and many other symptoms. Her book tells of everything she went through before she found the cause of her suffering, what she learned along the way and the adventures that followed, including the positive changes her family experienced. She saw nineteen doctors and endured $70,000 worth of medical treatments to no avail, but eventually found the cause…excitotoxins!

Celeste Longacre


Celeste Longacre
Celeste Longacre is an accomplished gardener who has been growing most of her family’s vegetables for over thirty-five years. Celeste preserves the garden’s bounty by canning, freezing, drying, and fermenting it as well as storing her produce in a root cellar. She and her husband, Bob, live sustainably in a handmade octagonal home. During the cold winter months, their heat is provided by the firewood that Bob cuts. Much of their electricity is generated with an array of solar panels.  She is the author of Celeste’s Garden Delights: Discover the Many Ways a Garden Can Nurture You. For further information visit her website at celestelongacre.com.



Karen Lyke, MS CCN DSc, CGP,
Karen Lyke has been studying the effects of food on human health ever since she was anorexic as a teenager. Her academic credentials include an MS in human nutrition, board certification as a clinical nutritionist (CCN), and a doctorate based on a study of the effects of oxalates in soy-based foodstuffs on human health. A Waldorf school graduate and certified in therapeutic massage, Karen has taught anatomy and physiology, as well as nutrition, to students of massage therapy, acupuncture, and holistic health. She currently teaches online with Hawthorn University and is a certified GAPS practitioner. A lifelong organic gardener, Karen now cultivates a nutrient-dense, pesticide and GMO-free garden, with a few backyard chickens and ducks, with her husband in northwest Ohio.

Chris Masterjohn, PhD


Chris Masterjohn, PhD
Chris Masterjohn, PhD is assistant professor of health and nutrition sciences at Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, NY. In 2012, he obtained his PhD in nutritional sciences from the University of Connecticut, where he studied the role of vitamin E and other antioxidants in regulating the metabolism of methylglyoxal, a potentially toxic byproduct of energy metabolism that appears to contribute to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. From the fall of 2012 through the summer of 2014, he worked as a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Illinois in Urbana, where he studied interactions between fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and K. He is now continuing this research at Brooklyn College. Chris created and maintains a website Cholesterol-and-Health.Com which is home to his blog, the Daily Lipid. He has published ten peer-reviewed scientific papers, has contributed regularly to the pages of Wise Traditions since 2004, and has spoken at the annual Wise Traditions conference every year since 2006.

Ronda Nelson, PhD, MH, CNC


Ronda Nelson, PhD, MH, CNC
Dr. Ronda Nelson holds a PhD in holistic nutrition along with a Master’s degree in herbal medicine. Her passion lies in helping others regain their health through dietary modifications, herbal and nutritional support. Dr. Nelson enjoys working with difficult digestive and endocrine-related cases, helping men and women reach their health potential as quickly as possible. She recently transitioned to a virtual-only practice which allows her to work from her Seattle home. Dr. Nelson has gained the respect of patients and doctors alike, providing relevant clinical information both online and at her sold-out educational seminars across the country.


Cyndi O’Meara
Cyndi graduated with a BSc majoring in nutrition from Deakin University in 1984, her special interest was ancestral foods. At the end of her degree she was so disillusioned by the nutritional guidelines that she paved her own path and stayed clear of the low-fat diets of the day, and not without controversy.  Her ground-breaking book Changing Habits Changing Lives (1998) became an instant best seller and from there she has had a successful organic food company, certified online education program and ground-breaking documentary.

Cyndi’s greatest love is to teach people, in order for them to make better choices in their life, so they too can enjoy greater health throughout their life. Her unique, surprisingly simple and down-to-earth approach challenges and encourages others to eliminate unhealthy habits and has inspired thousands to make smarter choices about the food they choose to put into their body.

By educating people on how to read food labels, why diets don’t work, and how drugs can affect your total well-being and vitality, Cyndi confronts her audiences with new truths and empowers them to make long lasting changes with simple and achievable steps on how to create healthier habits. http://changinghabits.com.au



Dr. Tim O’Shea
Best known for his comprehensive website on immunity and holistic nutrition, thedoctorwithin.com, O’Shea’s seminars on chiropractic philosophy and neurology are on the New Health Paradigm and are attended worldwide. The premise of the chiropractic seminar is that today’s best neuroscience is corroborating the original ideas of DD and BJ Palmer, but it’s not being taught in schools. Very few seminars even mention the real science of chiropractic.
Dr. O’Shea is the author of Vaccination Is Not Immunization, which has been called the definitive parents’ guide to vaccines, available in 6 languages. The vaccine book is a shocking but thoroughly documented exposé on the global vaccine industry. For several years Dr. O’Shea’s chapters on nutrition and childhood immunity have appeared in many professional publications.

He is a frequent guest on syndicated radio programs across the U.S. and at educational conventions worldwide. Dr. O’Shea’s stated purpose is to remind people that freedom in health care issues has become a matter of survival in today’s world. His work strives to provide the data necessary for anyone to make truly informed health choices in areas that are saturated by the scientifically regimented misdirection so apparent in media, academia, and literature today.



Michael Schmidt
was born in Germany and came to Canada over 30 years ago. As a bio-dynamic farmer with passion, from day one he challenged through education and lectures the current industrial farming system which more and more destroys the cultural identity of rural North America. He introduced spelt to the North American market and founded Ontar-Bio which then became Organic Meadow Co-operative, the largest organic dairy processor in Canada. In 1992, he started Canada’s first cow share program for raw milk. In 1995, he founded Symphony in the Barn and conducted symphonies, operas and concertos with world renowned artists.

In 2006, his farm was raided by twenty-five armed officers, after being arrested he was charged with nineteen offenses for breaking the current health and milk laws. In 2010, after defending himself without a lawyer against an army of government lawyers he was acquitted of all charges. As a free man he is now spearheading Cow Share Canada. He continues to challenge the entire public food politics of government and policy makers in regards to raw milk.

Laura Schoenfeld


Laura Schoenfeld, MPH, RD
Laura Schoenfeld is a registered dietitian trained in functional medical nutrition therapy. She draws from a variety of sources to form her philosophy on nutrition, including ancestral diets, principles of biochemistry, current research, and clinical experience. She helps her clients identify and implement diet and lifestyle changes that will allow them to live a healthy, fit, symptom-free life, without being consumed by thoughts of food and exercise. She loves Sundays at her church, hikes with her dog, beach trips, live music, and heavy weight training.

Pam Schoenfeld


Pam Schoenfeld, RD

Pam Schoenfeld is a dietitian on a mission – to ensure all have an equal opportunity to be well-nourished, especially the most vulnerable populations. She credits Sally Fallon Morell, Mary Enig, and Chris Masterjohn for inspiring her to earn her registered dietitian (RD) at the age of fifty. Responding to the USDA 2010 Dietary Guidelines, she co-founded the Healthy Nation Coalition, dedicated to making the focus of the Dietary Guidelines ensuring adequate essential nutrition. Formerly a chapter leader and an advocate for legal raw milk sales, she is on the board of directors of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Pam wrote commentary to the USDA on the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Report and the Child and Adult Care Food Program for WAPF, and spoke at their press conference announcing the release of the WAPF Dietary Guidelines.

Her practice, Women and Family Nutrition, focuses on women’s reproductive nutrition using the power of traditional diets. Pam is grateful to the late Mary Enig for her research on trans fats, which Pam learned about while an undergrad at the University of Maryland; she always fed her family butter, despite being taught that margarine is healthier!  Pam is married to Adam; their children are Jessica, Laura, and Alex.

Kim Schuette, CN, Cert. GAPS Practitioner


Kim Schuette, CN, Cert. GAPS Practitioner
has been in private practice in the field of nutrition since 1999 teaching the importance of real food for optimal health. In 2002 she established Biodynamic Wellness where she and her staff specialize in nutritional and biotherapeutic drainage therapies to support gut/bowel and digestive disorders, detoxification, mindful preconception, hormonal imbalances, ADD/ADHD challenges, and children’s health concerns. Additionally, Kim serves on the Board of Directors for the WAPF and co-serves as the WAPF San Diego chapter leader, where she resides with her husband and youngest son.



Stephanie Seneff, PhD
Stephanie Seneff is a senior research scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She has a BS degree from MIT in biology and a PhD from MIT in electrical engineering and computer science. She has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings. Her recent interests have focused on the role of toxic chemicals and micronutrient deficiencies in health and disease, with a special emphasis on the pervasive herbicide, Roundup, and the mineral, sulfur.  She has authored over 30 peer-reviewed journal papers over the past few years on these topics.



Kim Thompson
is a movement teacher and bodyworker. She is skillful at finding small, simple changes that help people shed chronic discomfort and move with greater ease and confidence.  From muscle balancing to spatial gestures to trauma release to energy medicine to the long and varied tradition of Yoga, Kim synthesizes work from some of the great movement teachers and researchers of our time. She leads weekly classes and sees individual clients in Maryland. You can find her at this conference leading the early morning movement classes and in the exhibit hall offering individual hands-on sessions. You can reach her online at: www.ArtofMovingWell.com



Donald Weber, DC
Dr. Donald Weber graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1975 and has completed post graduate studies in chiropractic orthopedics, chiropractic radiology, international sports injuries and has studied nutritional research an average of three hours a day for the last forty years. Dr. Weber has an active chiropractic practice in Saint Paul, Minnesota. (651) 771-8740.



Cilla Whatcott, PhD
Cilla Whatcott holds a B.A. degree from Arizona State University, a diploma from the four-year professional program at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy, Minneapolis and a PhD in homeopathy from Kingdom College.  She is an instructor at Normandale Community College and the author of “There Is a Choice: Homeoprophylaxis.” She is co-founder of Free and Healthy Children International, a 501c3 for the promotion of homeoprophylaxis and co-author of The Solution: Homeoprophylaxis.

Cilla has published articles in Pathways, Homeopathic LINKS, Organic Lifestyle Magazine, Holistic Mom’s Magazine, Natural Health365, GreenMedInfo, Fearless Parent, and WAPF’s Wise Traditions. Cilla has over 1000 hours of post-graduate education including certification as a CEASE therapist for reversing vaccine injury.

She is the director of Worldwide Choice, an organization training medically-licensed providers to administer homeoprophylaxis. She offers homeoprophylaxis programs for travel or in place of childhood vaccines. Cilla has been a guest lecturer in France, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Indonesia, the U.S. and Canada. She has organized and directed international conferences about homeoprophylaxis with leading researchers from Australia, Germany, India, and the Netherlands. As the mother to children adopted from Russia, Taiwan and China, and one biological child, her deepest desire is to help mothers and children everywhere.

Louisa Williams, MS, DC, ND


Louisa Williams, MS, DC, ND
Louisa Williams practices naturopathic medicine in Marin County, California, and is the author of the book Radical Medicine. The word radical means, “going to the root or origin and pertaining to that which is fundamental and thorough.” Dr. Williams follows this “radical medicine” philosophy, by addressing such core issues as heavy metal and petrochemical detoxification (mercury amalgam fillings, toxic cosmetics, etc.), clearing dental, tonsil, sinus, and other focal infections, treating scar interference fields, identifying significant malocclusions (“bad bites”), and uncovering hidden food sensitivities. She uses various cutting-edge treatment modalities including constitutional homeopathy, according to the theories of Dr. Divya Chhabra from India, auriculotherapy from France, neural therapy from Germany, nutritional supplementation, and counseling patients on the importance of a nutrient-dense organic GMO-free Weston A. Price diet. With Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr. Williams co-developed neural kinesiology (now ART) and has originated her current energetic testing method Matrix Reflex Testing (MRT). Besides the book Radical Medicine, she has authored over twenty teaching manuals, four DVDs, and five ebooks.

Lindsea Willon


Lindsea Willon
Lindsea Willon was influenced by the work of Dr. Weston A. Price from a young age and experienced the benefits of a Nourishing Traditions diet first hand. The gap between conventional teaching and traditional wisdom sparked her curiosity and led her to pursue a degree in nutritional sciences from the University of California, Berkeley. Upon graduating, she earned her certification as a nutritional therapy practitioner and began work on her master’s degree in kinesiology. While at California State University Northridge, Lindsea led biochemical research on the effects of diet and exercise on inflammation and insulin resistance and completed her program with a focus on exercise physiology. After finishing graduate school, she began her own practice and has since joined the experienced team at Biodynamic Wellness in Salano Beach, California.



William G. Winter, DVM
Will Winter received a DVM degree from Kansas State University in 1975, an undergraduate degree in animal husbandry and conducted post-graduate studies and research in veterinary toxicology for the College of Veterinary Medicine’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and Animal Resource Facility.
After graduating he specialized in surgical referrals and emergency medicine. In 1980 he created the Uptown Veterinarian-A Holistic Practice, one of the largest and most successful holistic veterinary practices in the U.S. In 1983, he co-founded the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. He writes for several veterinary and agricultural journals and web sites. He is the author of The Holistic Veterinary Handbook and founded Rescue Animal Products.

In 1999 he sold his practice and raw pet food industries and retired from active practice to become a free-lance journalist and lecturer, teaching about holistic livestock rearing, sustainable agriculture and traditional nutrition. He recently founded the American Holistic Livestock Association, is a chapter leader for the WAPF, distributes farm-fresh dairy products and food in the Twin Cities area, and moderates web discussion groups. In 2008 he founded Traditional Foods MN an indoor, year-round farmers market and business incubator for producers of organic, sustainable and artisanal foods.

He works as a holistic herd heath consultant for grass-based and pastured livestock producers and in 2011 opened Grassfarmer Supply. He is the herd health and forage consultant at Practical Livestock Solutions, Grassfarmer Supply, and Standard Soil.  He sponsors small pastured pork production operations in various locations, as well as custom grazing and invasive weed eradication programs using hair sheep and meat goats. A life-long devotee of the Great Plains of America, he resides in Minnesota.