2017 Conference Flyer

We have created a flyer promoting the conference.

Wise Traditions 2017 Conference

Conference Flyer for MN

We’d love you to email it to anyone you think may have an interest in attending. Please let us know if you are willing to distribute a paper version in your community, and how many you’d like sent by replying to this email with that number.  Email us at info@westonaprice.org


When you promote the conference, please keep the following in mind:
We have volunteer opportunities and scholarships available! See the cost saving tab on the website: http://conferences.westonaprice.org
There are discounts on the hotel for our event.
This year, this is a no-meal option to save costs.
We have weekend and day only passes.
The exhibit hall and Friday night movie is free and open to the public.
An educational and nutritious children’s program is available.
Sally Fallon Morell is giving a seminar on traditional diets on Saturday, limited to 200 people, that will include a nutrient dense lunch for $60.
Sally Fallon Morell will be teaching a master cooking class on Monday, which is a once in lifetime opportunity.