2018 Volunteers & Scholarships


Volunteers work a minimum of six hours at the conference in order to receive a reduced rate for full registration of $250 (a savings of between $90 and $190).

To apply to volunteer, do not register online but fill out the following two forms: The Volunteer Registration Form and the Volunteer Duty Selections.

You can send these by email, fax or mail.  Or send the information requested without the specific form. Or call (540) 722-7104.

Volunteer Registration Form:
Word (can be used to email): Volunteer Registration Form 2018 Baltimore

Volunteer Duty Selections 2018 Baltimore


A scholarship recipient will receive a full conference registration (which includes five meals).  The scholarship does not include transportation, hotel or other expenses.  Please fill out the application form below and email, fax or mail it to us. Or you can include the required information in the body of an email.

Also, include a brief explanation of how financial aid assistance would enable you to attend the conference and how the conference would benefit you, your family, and/or your organization. Please briefly explain your current financial situation which has led you to this request for aid. Please send this with the application.

Scholarship Application Form:

Word version: Financial Aid Application 2018