Oregon 2013 Speakers

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Sally Fallon Morell, MA – author Nourishing Traditions Cookbook, President, Weston A. Price Foundation, co-owner P.A. Bowen Farmstead and raw milk cheesemaker.

Chris Masterjohn, PhD – is creator and maintainer of Cholesterol-And-Health.Com, a web site dedicated to extolling the benefits of traditional, nutrient-dense, cholesterol-rich foods and to elucidating the many fascinating roles that cholesterol plays within the body.  Cholesterol-And-Health.Com is home to his blog, The Daily Lipid.  Chris is a frequent contributor to Wise Traditions, the quarterly journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation, is a perennial speaker at the annual Wise Traditions conference, and writes a second blog on the foundation’s web site, Mother Nature Obeyed. His presentations at this conference represent his independent work and do not represent the positions of the University of Illinois.

Dr. Dale Jacobson D.C. has been in practice for 35 years, and emphasizes a nutrient dense diet along with teaching stretching classes to his patients. He has taught seminars on joint movement analysis at chiropractic colleges and regularly teaches the practical anatomy sections at yoga teacher conferences.  He will help us understand how our body’s joint tissue ages on a mechanical level, as well as give insight on how to slow the process down.

Kaayla Daniel, PhD – is The Naughty Nutritionist™ because of her ability to outrageously and humorously debunk nutritional myths. In 2005, Dr. Daniel received the Weston A. Price Foundation’s Integrity in Science Award. Dr. Daniel’s book The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America ‘s Favorite Health Food (New Trends, 2005) has been endorsed by leading health experts, including Drs. Russell Blaylock, Larry Dossey, Joseph Mercola, Kilmer McCully, Doris J. Rapp, Jonathan Wright and many others.

Denise Minger is a Portland-based writer, teacher, and nutrition blogger currently working on her first book, “Death by Food Pyramid.” Her website, RawFoodSOS.com, aims to dispel nutrition myths and reexamine conventional beliefs about food. In 2010, Minger’s reanalysis of China Study data received widespread publicity in the health community and sparked a public debate with T. Colin Campbell, author of “The China Study.”

Charlotte Smith, owner of Champoeg Creamery, a micro-dairy consisting of 2 jersey cows, is also a certified nutritionist and raw milk educator.  After spending 6 years trying to work with doctors to cure her children’s severe eczema, she discovered raw milk eight years ago and her family experienced first hand the idea that a traditional foods diet is our best medicine.  Charlotte and her husband, a mental health counselor, now teach a series of nutrition evolution classes based on cutting edge research showing the connection between healing our guts and gaining incredible vitality – exuberant physical strength and immunity, and incredible mental vigor. She has 2 websites – www.champoegcreamery.com and www.vitalitehealth.com

Nora Gedgaudas is the author of the ground breaking, international best-selling book, Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and a Longer Life currently ranking near the top of all health-related books on Amazon.  Nora’s work has been enthusiastically endorsed and promoted by numerous respected scientific experts, health care practitioners and influential thinkers.  Her popular articles on diet and health have appeared in the Well Being Journal, Paleo Magazine, New Dawn, Nature & Health (one of Australia’s leading health & wellbeing magazines), Rodale, Forbes and others.

Nora Gedgaudas is in successful private practice as a Certified Nutritional Therapist (board certified in Holistic Nutrition with the NANP and a CNT via the Nutritional Therapy Association) as well as a board certified Neurofeedback Specialist in Portland, OR.

Lisa Bianco-Davis is a chapter leader in Eugene, Oregon. She has been making bubbling concoctions of fermented foods for over 10 years. Together with her co-chapter leader, Lisa created the Kraut Pounder and has been selling them as a fund-raiser for the Eugene Chapter. In Eugene, Lisa organizes potlucks, shows DVDs and teaches cooking classes using the Weston A. Price dietary principles.