June 2015 Seminar on Healthy Traditional Diets in Pennsylvania

with Sally Fallon Morell, author of Nourishing Traditions and president of the Weston A. Price Foundation

Chambersburg, PA June 20, 2015


Registration only $30 and includes a nutrient-dense lunch.  ($35 after June 12, 2015.)

FIRST 100 PEOPLE receive coupons worth $30 to use at the event.


Online: click here
By Phone
(202) 363-4394
(202) 363-4396
Mail:  WAPF
          4200 Wisconsin Ave, NW #106-380
          Washington DC  20016

Hear three great talks by Sally Fallon Morell suitable for beginners as well as long-time followers of this diet.

Seminar Flier


Questions:  info@westonaprice.org or (202) 363-4394

Held at  Laird Hall

Wilson College
1015 Philadelphia Ave.
Chambersburg PA 17201

Campus Map – Laird Hall is building #9

Exhibitors (see Chambersburg PA Exhibitor Registration Page)

The Weston A Price Foundation
Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
NewTrends Publishing
Green Pasture Products
… and more
To exhibit, contact the Weston A Price Foundation at (202) 363-4394, info@westonaprice.org


Lecture Notes

Powerpoint Presentations with lecture notes are posted at www.westonaprice.org/get-involved/chapter-resources-slide-presentations/

What You Will Learn

  • Why butter is better and animal fats are vital to health
  • The key vitamins for growth and development
  • The importance of pasture-feeding of livestock
  • Why children need raw milk
  • The many roles of cholesterol in the body
  • Why grains and legumes need proper preparation
  • Why your body needs old-fashioned fermented foods
  • The health benefits of genuine bone broth
  • The dangers of modern soy products
  • Why we should avoid industrial fats and oils
  • The dangers of cholesterol-lowering drugs
  • Simple health guidelines everyone can follow
  • A simple, inexpensive treatment for joint pain